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Who would have thought there was no fun to be found in Montego Bay? Last year when I was living in Ocho Rios, one of my Canadian girls sex classifieds london flying in for a day vacation and we pre-planned to spend her first night in Montego Bay and see if we could have some fun. I picked her up at the airport and we headed straight for the Pork Pit to eat and meet some mohay her friends.

Done deal. The only thing we can say was amazing about the place was the view mobay sex the sea from up. The place we stayed resembles the one shown in the above picture, only about 50 times mobat ghetto mobay sex. It resembled an American inner-city housing project with mobay sex hanging everywhere and bars mobaay every balcony which made it look ominous.

As the man showed us to our mobay sex we walked by a small pond on the gay dating in sheffield that had mobay sex feminine pad floating on top of dark, murky water. He then led us up a tall outdoor concrete staircase that had no side rail due to a palm tree that mobay sex over and crushed it some mobzy before.

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They cut the palm tree out but never did fix the railings and I mobay sex commenting that we better not attempt this climb while drunk. He led us to the door of our room and surprisingly, the room was huge! And not far below us mobay sex a wonderful swimming pool, meet people gold coast we opted to use the next morning, instead of bathing in the smelly bathroom.

We mobay sex ombay and determined to have some fun this night.

We rolled out in my car and just drove with no real destination in mind, until we passed a HUGE crowd mobay sex some parking lot and wondered mobay sex could mobay sex in there? We heard the music so we turned a corner, found a parking spot on the road mobay sex walked towards the action.

Turns out Zip FM was putting on a free concert in a random parking lot! I mobayy to you this was the ONLY piece of fun we found all night! The show was being put on from the back of a semi-truck rigged with a stage. There were some breakdancing performances. We really enjoyed the entertainment but were quickly annoyed by the attention we were getting, being the only white females in the joint.

Hitting the supermarket was a riot because we split up from her friend and again, were the only two aimless sed girls walking around in the parts of downtown where there are heavily armed police who looked something like the picture below, only in the dark. Crossing a road here was an adventure mobay sex in itself but once we made it across alive and passed by the machine guns we craigslist sydney men a moobay.

After the downtown event we made our way back to the car and decided to take our box food to Dead End beach and mobay sex. It was well mobay sex dark but we knew Mertens-TX bisexual group sex place and figured it would mobay sex a nice relaxing spot to enjoy our food and some of the rum I bought.

We drove down there, parked the car and sat out on the long beach wall.

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Almost instantly, we started to get pissed off at not only the amount Adult seeking hot sex Mililani Hawaii 96789 cars with rivaling stereos, but mobay sex the mobay sex pop mkbay techno music that was mobay sex each. Where exactly were we?

Really the only action we had at the beach was a 60 year old man with one eye who thought he was my destiny. What a night. I think we ended up back at our slum around I have no idea what time I passed out fully dressed, but it was fast, out of sheer lack of something else to. I was awoke at God knows what time to some pure action in the room on the other sx of the widows dating website from us.

I have no idea how my friend slept through the noise because the two on the other side of the wall were definitely in it to win! There was thumping and moaning and I was getting annoyed so I decided to head onto the balcony for a cigarette. There was just no escaping. The next morning we bathed in the swimming pool and thoroughly enjoyed having it all to.

While we lounged in the water we watched someone who obviously works at the property, assembling some kind of outdoor event tent. Every time he reached above his head to fasten something his nice, shiny GUN that was sitting neatly in mobay sex pants waist would appear. Montego Bay is just not a winner for me. mobay sex

Never has been and I highly doubt it ever will mobay sex. I almost fellout of bed reading about your run in with a one eyed man dead end beach!

Sex workers back on MoBay’s streets | News | Jamaica Gleaner

In Jan just happened to have an experience Involving a one eyed man,on dead end beach, shoving his bird sculptures in the window trying to make a sale!

Being caught off guard, def a good mobay sex and now a good laugh! LMAO Brenda!!! He could be a craft mobay sex by day, ladies man by night aahahaha!

What a night that. Good times in JA. You actually fell asleep like really early and I stayed up reading.

Only thing I think you have mobay sex was it was not Zip FM. I think it was the Irie FM road show!!! Thanks for helping mobaay relive that night… then we drove back mobay sex Ochie and met Q and the rest is history!!!

Once Upon A Montego Bay Night…. | JAMAICA My Way!

Perfect example mobay sex you have found a way to write a great blog about a boring day. I hope I have better luck. Dyana, May I ask??

Met Q? Vera, I am curious as to what you mean by saw this on a friends facebook.

Mobay sex

Oh no! Quite happy at the other side of the north coast heheheheeh What an adventure that was! But I think this post gives a rather slanted and unfortunate view view of the Montego Bay that I know it to be. Give Mobay a chance. mobay sex

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Hook up with a breddren or sistren from Mobay and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of mobay sex Second City. Thansk for the feedback Corey! I did Negril my first 4 trips before I busted mobay sex to other places.

Your moaby has inspired me to look more for someone to help me give Mobay another chance just to see what trouble I can mobay sex into LOL.

Thanks again, Mobay sex, for your honest feeback! My latest reson to go back is now Mynt retreat and spa. Check it out on your next trip to the second city. Never fear Corey! Being annoyed by mobxy attention you were getting as the only white females?

Bitch please, they mobay sex you as a way to get a visa and easy ass. Which is precisely why it annoys me because not all foreign females are about. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field. Previous article Sand Gravity. You may also like. February 8, at iwantubad Kristi says: February 8, at 9: Dyana says: February 8, at Jamie mobay sex February 8, at 1: Sexx mobay sex Ayo says: February 10, at 8: February 10, at 9: Corey says: February mobay sex, at 5: J says: March bangcok girls, at 9: Anthony says: January 2, at January 2, at 1: Naomi says: March 23, at STFU says: July 17, at July 18, at 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.